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Today, the demand for qualified health managers is growing due to the increased competition in healthcare sector both in national and international arena.

The underlying reasons for this can be; the technological and medical developments in the sector, rapidly increasing number of healthcare institutions, the rising privilege given to the needs of patients and all other stakeholders, the new strategic reforms in the fields of social security and finally the growing tendency towards the health tourism. For these reasons, “health management” will become a very important  profession of near future in Turkey, which has already gained a reasonable significance in global healthcare services.  

In order to sustain in the competitive environment, healthcare institutions need to apply the new techniques of the contemporary management to their organizations. There is no doubt that providing adequate healthcare to all stakeholders is the major responsibility of physicians. However, it is obvious that, “the best interest of patients and all stakeholders” cannot be prosecuting without a qualified health administration. This situation increases the need of professional health managers within health institutions whose numbers are ascending every day.

Health managers need distinctive competencies in order to ensure the qualified management for their institutions. Thus besides the knowledge of contemporary management processes and techniques, a health institution manager must also dominate and recognize the essentials of healthcare sector. Therefore, both in Turkey and in our region, the healthcare  institutions that are growing in number have some difficulties in recruiting qualified health institutions managers.

Izmir University of Economics is known with its pioneering perspective since its establishment. Following this, Department of Health Management is the first department  which is established by a foundation university in Aegean Region.

The medium of education, is English and to  gain a competitive advantage in international healthcare arena, the program supported by a compulsory second language.

Furthermore, Department of Health Management has lots of additional privileges such as; experienced and outstanding academic team, advantage of sector-university partnerships for applied workshops.

In the light of abovementioned facts, the Department of Health Management aims to graduate professional managers for rapidly growing and changing healthcare sector who are;

  • Capable of implementing contemporary management applications,
  • Sensitive and dedicated to ethical values,
  • Having required knowledge to implement the updated techniques and models about organizational managerial practices,
  • Able and willing to compete both in national and international arenas,
  • Respecting to the patients’ and employees ‘rights,
  • Capable of contributing to the scientific studies that are prosecuted in healthcare sector,

The bachelor degree program lasts for 4 years and the graduates will be assumed with the title of “Health Managers”. The course schedule of Department of Health Management is designed to meet the needs of diversified nature of professional life. The students will take general management courses and  more specific field related courses. The application of these field related courses will be held in the contractual health institutions of the University,  under the supervision of our academicians.

What positions can be held by a “Health Manager”?

All the national and international publications in the healthcare sector (eg: TUBITAK Vision 2023: The Health Sector Report and Reform Documentation of Ministry of Health, Development Plans, Reports of TODAIE) point out that there is a growing need for the graduates of Department of Health Management in the healthcare  institutions. Following this, the graduates of our Faculty may be easily employed in various public and private healthcare institutions in administrative or managerial positions.

The professional health managers who will be graduated from our department may employed by;

  • Ministry of Health,
  • Health insurance departments of institutions such as “Social Security Institution”,
  • Public Hospitals
  • University and Foundation Hospitals
  • Private Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Various treatment centers
  • Organizations that provide residential care
  • Private Health Insurance Companies
  • Organizations that provide medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical Institutions
  • Universities  as academicians.


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